We focus on partnerships and helping you, not telling you.

  • Agnostic Objectivity – We understand the landscape and fit the right product to the right process.
  • Multichannel (Omnichannel) Marketing – It’s more than just understanding what the software can do – it’s understanding how you use the processes and data in your marketing programs. Here’s a great line we read: “Omnichannel marketing is Multichannel marketing done right.”
  • Process Improvements – Many times, it’s just too difficult to do this on your own either because of capacity or passion. Having someone who’s done it before in similar situations, and without an agenda (other than to help) may be what you need.
  • Information Assessments – Here, we look at your data, your taxonomy, your hierarchies, your structures, your architecture and match it to where you want to go. Again, it’s all about helping you, not trying to fit you into some pre-defined mold.
  • Demonstration Facilitations – We’ll find the vendors and then create context, so that when the demonstration is being done, it will be easy to associate your business needs. It also makes you look good to everyone on your team that will be watching intently.
  • Vendor Analysis & ROI Development – We take all the information and have both quantitative and qualitative results. Through some key exercises, we then help you analyze the vendors and develop an ROI.
  • Knowledge Retention Support – We don’t want to leave you hanging, so we have ways to make sure you retain the information, or we’re there for you.