When you’ve seen as much as we’ve seen

from wholesalers to retailers and from Mom & Pops to Fortune 500s, it always boils down to “It’s just data.” But, it’s creating the context and relevancy with that data for your marketing that we know how to help you do.

  • Data Modeling – How is your data set up and how is it being used and going to be used? It’s one way in one system, another way in another system, and you can’t use it the way it is.
  • Data Configuration – How can your data be set up better for use in multiple channels, multiple profiles and multiple markets? For instance, is the price table you show in your catalog the same as on the web – or should it be?
  • Data Capture – Where is all your data, and how do we put it in the right place in the database? Sometimes, the only place data currently resides is on hard drives through an enterprise – heck, the master data may be on a Quark page!
  • Data Integration – How to we keep the data synchronized and make sure there are as few touches as possible? Where are imports/exports needed; where are real-time connectors needed (Web Services, APIs, etc.) and how will you ever get it done?
  • Data Governance – How do we define roles and flows to make sure the process remains clean? Who is Responsible, Accountable, Collaborative or just Informed (RACI)?
  • Data Cleansing – How do we have a continuous plan to monitor and adjust data so it’s consistent and accurate? Sometimes data governance isn’t enough and software solutions will need to be considered.
  • Data Quality – Yes, there’s an overlap with Data Cleansing and Data Governance, but Data Quality may involve business rules and ways to maintain and enter your data with the best opportunities for successful use (Choice Lists, Controlled Vocabularies, Auto Completes, Validation Rules).
  • Data Usage for Marketing – How do we use the data to make sales? Let’s put this in context and create relevancy.
  • Data Syndication – How to get your product data to your retailers or wholesalers in the right format, with the right content.